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7 Drug Rehabilitation Options That May Help Avoid Conviction And Prison Time

7 Drug Rehabilitation Options That May Help Avoid Conviction And Prison Time

You may not be aware that when someone enters into a drug rehab program, the reason they are there may be about more than just their need or desire to end their drug addiction. It may also be true that they have entered drug rehab to avoid being convicted of a drug offence and subsequently having a criminal record that inevitably follows against their name.

A criminal record is more than just some information about what crime someone has been convicted of. It can also act as a dark cloud hanging over several aspects of one’s life and can thus hinder employment opportunities or even the ability to obtain a bank account. Many people in Court are also keen to avoid the social stigma of being classified as someone with a drug-related criminal conviction.

It is little wonder that many people will choose drug rehab as an alternative to a conviction if the Court gives them this option as for the type of drug rehab program that is either deemed necessary or offered as an option, here are seven of the main possibilities.

Drug Rehab Option #1 – Residential

This is a longer-term option; you can see the individual on this drug rehab program for anything from a few months to over a year. It involves staying as a resident within the drug rehab centre where counselling and support from drug rehab specialists are provided and meeting in groups with other residents.

Drug Rehab Option #2 – Supervision Facility

It is more commonly used for those whose drug addiction is severe and where there are concerns for their health. Whilst the patient remains in the facility, this is not classed as residential but more of a medical stay, which is why it sometimes occurs in a hospital under the supervision of experienced drug rehab specialists.

Drug Rehab Option #3 – Outpatient Rehabilitation

This could be offered to someone whose drug addiction has not yet become severe and where it is felt they would be best served by being at home with the support of their immediate family. Drug rehab counsellors and support staff visit at home, assess their progress and offer advice.

Drug Rehab Option #4 – Detox

Occasionally, it is deemed by the Court that this is the only alternative to sending someone to prison. However, it would only be ordered if the individual agreed it was the most appropriate way to kick their drug addiction and avoid a criminal record.

Drug Rehab Option #5 – Pharmacotherapy

That long word means escaping drug addiction with the help of medication. It might seem strange that this drug treatment is giving the person more drugs, but these prescribed drugs are known to help people end their reliance on illegal drugs, especially by assisting them to overcome withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Rehab Option #6 – Peer Support Groups

Peer support groups consist of others who have ended their drug addiction and thus know exactly what those who join the group will be going through themselves. This allows them to support and encourage those going through drug rehab and prove that getting clean is possible.

Drug Rehab Option #7 – Professional Counselling

This can be used as an additional aspect of the other drug rehab options we have listed, but it should be pointed out that it can also be a standalone treatment. It involves professionals, often psychologists, supporting those trying to wean themselves from drugs and often focuses on their mental health and well-being.

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